N2 Innovations
Leading Pennsylvania into the future...

N2 Innovations is proud to offer a sustainable, locally produced, and premium line of CBD products. 

Produced in Pennsylvania with the highest quality hemp, N2 Innovations offers sustainability, scale-ability, and community investment.



About Us

N2 innovations was founded on the philosophy of responsible farming.

We strive to produce environmentally sustainable farming practices designed to elevate existing techniques into the future with the use of technology. Located in Central Pennsylvania our 400,000 sq/ft processing facility can process 10,000 lbs. per day of hemp material. N2 has partnered with Cannabis College of America to offer educational resources, offered in house by industry experts, to train local farmers who wish to grow industrial hemp. N2 offers a variety of seed and seedling options to get started in this exciting industry.

N2 Innovations is proud to grow with Pennsylvania farmers. 

We do this through partnerships and creating new partnerships with local farmers. Industrial hemp can be used to produce CBD, bio-plastics, and even fuel. Ask about your farming partnerships to start your economical and environmentally sustainable future in farming!